For Solid Wood & Plywood

These blades are used in crosscutting saw application and also in ripping application. We provide various types of
saw blades to be used on circular saw, panel saw, table saw and DD saw machine. Our blades have ATB (Alternate
Tooth Beveled) tooth profile also known as “left right” in layman terms which aids in cutting of solid wood, ply
boards, and unprocessed chipboards. Our blades come in different thickness, sizes and teeth as per the need of the
Our blades come with industrial silver coating which prevents corrosion and maintain the blade temperature low
during the working process due to low friction of coefficient of the silver coating. It also provides non-stick feature to
the blade which improves chip ejection and notably reduces resin build-up significantly and increases the tool life.
The tip of our saw blades is made of high-quality carbide due to which our blade has high accuracy and tool life. Our
blade has anti-vibration slots filled with thermoplastic polyurethane