Freud Face Moulding Bit – Profile #2




Freud Face Molding Bit – Profile #2

Door casings, trim, baseboards, and pilasters.

Freud’s selection of Face Molding Bits add architectural detail to your furniture, cabinets and millwork. Rout any wood to produce your favourite stain-grade or paint-grade molding. Use with CNC or table-mounted routers to mill hardwood or softwood molding.

  • Routs hardwood or softwood to produce stain-grade molding
  • Use with CNC or table-mounted routers
  • Freud Perma-SHIELD® Coating

Ideal For: Molding, furniture & cabinet detail

Why Freud

Freud Tools manufacture an extensive range of precise and high-tech Routing and CNC Tools. The industry leader for over 50 years Freud router bits are the result of outstanding technical expertise and advanced manufacturing processes.

Freud set themselves apart through their in-house Tungsten Carbide production. One of the only manufacturers worldwide to produce unique carbide formulations for each application. The ownership and control of the entire manufacturing process ensures outstanding quality standards and maximized performance.

The superior Perma-SHEILD thermal insulation coating prevents the adhesion of resins, reducing the downtime for cleaning. The tools spin smoothly, therefore, reducing stress on the motor extending the lifetime of your machine.

All Freud router bits are tested to the highest of standards utilising the latest technological methods. Computer balanced to prevent chattering and vibration. The balancing takes place on special computer-controlled equipment to determine the precise location where material needs to be removed.

Freud’s kickback reducing shoulder design contributes to a safer working environment restricting the tooth bite to 1.1mm reducing the effects of dangerous kick-backs from overfeeding.

Competence and flexibility; Freud turn great ideas into industrial solutions. Leveraging engineering know-how, high-tech machinery and flexible production cycles to anticipate the industry demands.

Timbecon Sku Freud Sku Bearing Diameter (B) Large Rad (R1) Minor Height (M) Number of Cutters Overall Dia (D) Overall Length (H) Shank Small Rad (R2) Carbide Height (H)
FR-99013 99-013 12.7mm 8.3mm 4mm 2 23.8mm 82.6mm 1/2″ 3.6mm 34.9mm


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