Freud Professional Portable Laminate/Melamine Circular Saw Blade


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The Freud Professional Laminate and Melamine saw blade is suitable for sawing laminated composite materials including laminated particleboard, MDF, veneered panels and kitchen whiteboard. It is the perfect saw blade for both enthusiast and professional makers working in laminated composite materials of any variety.

Saw a range of composite panels

This blade is designed for smaller tablesaws, so it is perfect for the enthusiast or pro maker working in a smaller shop. If you want to build kitchen boxes, saw laminated kitchen tops or veneered panels, this is a great blade option for you.

TiCo Carbide teeth

This Freud sawblade features TiCo Carbide teeth. A specially formulated highly compact Titanium Cobalt Carbide, engineered and manufactured by Freud that provides a sharper edge and flawless finish with a dramatically longer life.

Perma-SHIELD coating

This professional quality saw blade features a non-stick coating formulation that withstands the toughest of applications. It provides thermal insulation, protects from corrosion and eliminates resin build up together reducing downtime for cleaning.

Why Freud

Freud Tools manufacture an extensive range of precise and high-tech circular saw blades. They are the largest manufacturer of high-quality saw blades worldwide setting the highest standard in the industry. Quality that is assured by engineering brilliance and manufacturing know-how.

Freud set themselves apart through their in-house Tungsten Carbide production. Improved blade quality with tip thicknesses up to 30% greater than your standard blade allowing for multiple sharpening’s that in turn extend the product lifetime.

The special tri-metal alloy consisting of copper wrapped between layers of silver allows the Carbide tips to withstand extreme impact, for maximum shock resistant durability.

The high strength laser cut steel extends the durability of the blade and a tensioning process guarantees maximum precision. Anti-vibration slots are laser cut with Freuds very own innovative technology.

Product Code Diameter Kerf Arbor Teeth
FR-23-L-001-T 250mm 2.8mm 30mm 80
FR-28-L-001-T 300mm 2.8mm 30mm 96

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250mm Diameter – 30mm Bore – 80T, 300mm Diameter – 30mm Bore – 96T


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